Solar Carport Applications

While protecting your vehicles from scorching summer temperatures, you can utilize unused parking spaces in a more aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly way to meet your energy needs and generate income.

Solar carport applications are an excellent alternative in cases where the project area for roof installations is insufficient.

Whether it's a single parking space or dozens of them, even if they lack a uniform geometry, they can easily be converted into solar power plants.


  • Unlimited and free energy from the sun.
  • Protection of vehicles from the sun in summer and rain and snow in winter.
  • Utilizing parking spaces without occupying additional space for installation.
  • Technical scalability for easy system expansion.
  • Quick and compact installation options.
  • Reducing snow clearing costs in parking areas during the winter.
  • Short payback period.
  • 40 years of system lifespan and 25 years of manufacturer's warranty.


  • Multi-story parking lots
  • School parking areas
  • Shopping mall parking areas
  • Hospital parking areas
  • Residential areas & homes parking areas
  • Factory parking areas
  • Exhibition areas parking areas

Meet your energy needs while protecting your vehicles from the sun, rain, and snow!